Bulbophyllum frostii

Source: Orchi

Bulbophyllum frostii

is a cute miniature orchid that is very easy to grow on the windowsill or a shady spot and at moderate temperatures.

It belongs to the family Orchidaceae, sub-family Epidendroideae, tribe Dendrobieae, sub-tribe Bulbophyllinae, genus Bulbophyllum.


The pseudobulbs are oval shaped and grow very close together. They measure up to 2 cm in height and 1.5 cm in diameter.

The leaves are evergreen, leathery and oval, with a maximum length of 3.5 cm and width of 2 cm

The inflorescence is erect, about 2 cm high and carries a maximum two flowers. These flowers are in the form of a lump and are about 3.5 cm.

The bloom lasts about 2 weeks. The flowers are a creamy white, dotted with purple spots.


Vietnam and Indonesian Peninsula


It is an epiphytic orchid that occurs in the evergreen deciduous forest at elevations around 1,450 m.

Common names:

Dutchman’s clog, Frost’s Bulbophyl


Bulbophyllum bootanoides, Cirrhopetalum bootanoides, Cirrhopetalum frostii


Bulbophyllum: from the Greek words bolbos (bulb) and phyllon (leaf).
Frostii: in honor of John Frost (1803-1840, founder of the Medico-Botanical Society (UK).



Moderate to warm


Partial shade: a window facing on east or west.


The substrate must remain moist as much as possible. In winter, the substrate may dry out a little but not too long.


60-80 %


Bulbophyllum frostii can be grown in a moist mixture of fine bark or sphagnum moss or mounted on a wooden block or sticks. They benefit from good air circulation.


Orchid fertilizer every two weeks or universal liquid fertilizer for houseplants, but diluted to 1/8 of the recommended dilution.