Angraecum infundibulare

Angraecinae is a sub-tribe of the Orchidaceae family, Epidendroideae sub-family, Vandeae tribe.

This sub-tribe consists of about 18 genera and 360 genera. The type genus is Angraecum.

Most of the genera are endemic in Africa, Madagascar and other islands in the Indian Ocean, a few genera can also be found in America.

Like many orchids, the classification is not fixed because of new molecular research shows that orchids were classified together because of morphological similarities are not related, and vice versa.


Rostellum deeply cut, dome-like, broad and short. Tegula single or double, usually small, sometimes papillary near the attachment of the pollinia. Viscidium single or double, oblong to elliptic, as large as or smaller than tegula. Rostellum remains deeply cut into three-pronged dark, all three modes usually equal in size, sometimes two lateral lobes longer than the middle. Pollinia 2, split or porate.