Bulbophyllum lobbii

Source: Orchi

Bulbophyllum lobbii

The sub-tribe Bulbophyllinae is part of the family Orchidaceae, sub-family Epidendroideae and tribe Dendrobieae .


The velamen is of the Bulbophyllum type. The pseudobulbs have single internodes.

Usually there is a prominent stelidium. The rostellum is shelf-like, truncated and fleshy.

The viscidium is semi-fluid, straight, sometimes very large. In some species of Saccoglossum and Bulbophyllum there is a small, finger-like hamulus.

There are usually four pollinia, of various sizes depending on the species, but sometimes only two.


  • Bulbophyllum
  • Chaseella
  • Codonosiphon
  • Dactylorhynchus
  • Drymoda
  • Genyorchis
  • Hapalochilus
  • Jejosephia
  • Monomeria
  • Monsepalum
  • Saccoglossum
  • Sunipia
  • Tapeinoglossum
  • Trias