Apostasia wallichii

The sub-family Apostasioideae belongs to the family Orchidaceae.

It contains only 2 genera with 15 species.

Apostasioideae is considered a basic or primitive sub-family, i.e. it is close to the common ancestor of all orchids.


The flowers have 3 stamens, like the members of the sub-family Cypripedioideae, while in the other 3 sub-families the flowers have only 1 fused stamen.


Himalaya, India, Southeast Asia and Oceania.


They are terrestrial orchids, found in shady, damp forests at an altitude between 200 and 2,200 m


Apostasioideae is derived from the genus name Apostasia, from the Latin apostasia, derived from the old Greek apostasia (overflow, rebellion).


The sub-family contains 2 genera:

Apostasioideae distribution

Source: Dalton Holland Baptista

Apostasioideae distribution