Phragmipedium caudatum

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Phragmipedium caudatum

The genus Phragmipedium belongs to the family Orchidaceae, subfamily Cypripedioideae.

It contains about 20 species with Phragmipedium caudatum as the type species.

These orchids are from the south-western Mexico, Central America and tropical South America and are all classified as endangered species.

In the trade, the abbreviation Phrag is used.


The pointed leaves grow to a length of about 80 cm. There is no pseudo-bulb. The plant is about 80 cm high, with 2-3 flowers.

Phragmipedium are epiphytic, terrestrial or lithophytic orchids. They have a unique shield-shaped staminode, long whisker-like petals and a tri-locular ovary. The lip has the shape of a bag whose edge is folded inwardly.


Central America and tropical South America.


The different species of Phragmipedium grow on the rocks, in the forks of trees, on volcanic clay soil or submerged under water.


Phragmipedium is derived from the Greek phragma (division) and pedium (slipper).


The genus includes about 20 species, including:

Phragmipedium distribution

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Phragmipedium distribution