Butia capitata

Butia capitata

Butia capitata or Jelly Palm is the most hardy among the feather palms: -15 °C if the soil is dry.

The leaves are quite long: up to 3 m. Growth is quite slow and the maximum height is about 6 m.

Original from the low altitude savannah in Brazil and Uruguay where it grows in very sandy and dry soil.

The small yellow fruits are eaten fresh, in jelly or macerated to produce palm wine. They taste more or less like mangos.


Butia odorata
Calappa capitata
Cocos erythrospatha
Cocos capitata
Syagrus capitata

Common names:

Wine palm
Jelly palm
Pindo palm


Brazil and Uruguay


Zone 7, -15 °C


Soil should contain mainly sand


6 m


Sun, does not like shade or semi-shade, might wither



Sowing instructions:

  • soak in tepid water for 2 days
  • sow in light, humid medium
  • keep at 35 to 40 °C
  • germination time: 4-8 months
  • repot when seedlings are big enough to be handled


  • south, no shade
  • very little water
  • fertilise during growing season

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