Eucomis bicolor inflorescence

Source: Jarek Zok

Eucomis bicolor inflorescence

Eucomis bicolor or Pineapple Lily is a bulbous plant native to South Africa of the family Hyacinthaceae or hyacinths.

The very broad leaves grow in rosettes from which a stalk emerges at the top of which is the flower spike, topped by a tuft of leaves, giving it an air of pineapple.

Flowering lasts throughout the summer until October and gives a very exotic touch to the garden. It is pale green and white with pink hues.

The leaves are green, usually tinged with purple at the base.

Common names:

Pineapple flower
Pineapple lily
Variegated pineapple flower


South Africa, Kwa-Zulu Natal where it grows on grassy banks, in forests and swamps


USDA zone 8, -10 °C
The foliage dies at -3 °C.


Well drained and rich


40-60 cm


Sun, light or partial shade

Eucomis bicolor

Source: H. Zell

Eucomis bicolor


Division of bulbs

Sowing instructions:

  • January-April
  • sow at the surface: light helps germination
  • cover with vermiculite
  • moisten
  • 15-20 °C


  • 3 to 4 weeks


  • can be grown in pots or open ground
  • grown in pots, watered frequently during the growing season
  • reduce watering in winter
  • will have greater impact if you plant a group
  • you can bring the bulbs inside in winter to protect them from cold