Fatsia japonica foliage

Source: jlggb

Fatsia japonica foliage

Fatsia japonica or Japanese aralia is a shrub with large 20 to 50 cm glossy dark green leaves with 7 to 9 broad lobes.

The leaves are persistent. The bush can grow up to 4-6 m high.

It will thrive in deep shade and is suited for seaside gardens.

The flowers resemble those of ivy (Hedera helix): spheric umbellas of small cream white flowers. It has been hybridized with ivy to produce x Fatshedera lizei which combines the characteristics of both parents: the shrub form of Fatsia japonica and the 5-lobed leaves of Hedera helix.

This is truly a great plant for beginners as nothing can go wrong with it and the leaves are quite striking and not deciduous, keeping some color in your garden in the winter.

Common names:

Japanese aralia


Aralia japonica
Aralia sieboldii




USDA zone 5, -13 °C
Leaves might be injured by persistent deep frost but the plant will regain next spring.

Fatsia japonica shrub


Drained, rich and fresh


Shade, semi-shade sun
This plant not only tolerates deep shade but will thrive in it


13 m



Sowing instructions:

  • soak for 1 night in tepid water
  • sow in light humid soil
  • keep at 15 to 20 °C
  • keep in a light place, out of direct sunlight. Light is not needed for germination but will accelerate it.
  • germination time: 1-3 months
  • repot when the seedlings are big enough to handle
Fatsia japonica fruit

Source: Helen Fowler

Fatsia japonica fruit

Cutting instructions:

  • take cuttings of about 5 to 10 cm from suckers or tips
  • remove the lower leaves
  • eventually dip in cutting hormone powder
  • plant in light soil
  • put in plastic bag or container and close
  • provide indirect light
  • grows roots in 4 to 6 weeks



  • doesn’t need any particular care