Ismene narcissiflora

Ismene narcissiflora

Ismene narcissiflora or Spider Lily has an umbel of 4 or 5 white and very fragrant flowers. The flowers have a trumpet-shaped staminal crown, surrounded by 6 long recurved strap-shaped petals. The staminal crown is clearly ribbed with green.

The plant forms a tuft of leaves of 40-60 cm, lanceolate and dark green. It is from the center of the clump that the flower stalk grows erect.

Common names:

Peruvian Daffodil
Spider Lily


Hymenocallis calathina
Ismene calathina
Pancratium narcissiflorum


Bolivia and Peru


USDA Zone 9, 5 °C




Division of bulbs


Sun, light or partial shade


  • can be grown in pots or open ground
  • grown in pots, water frequently during the growing season. It resists both swampy conditions and drought.
  • give fertiliser every 2 weeks
  • bring the bulbs inside in winter before the first frost
  • cut the leaves and stems of faded flowers and dry the plant
  • once dry, remove as much soil as possible from the bulb and leave it in a dry place, sheltered from frost
  • plant bulbs in spring when danger of frost is gone and the weather is much milder (May)
  • cut the faded flowers so that the bulb can regain strength before winter

Image sources

  • Ismene narcissiflora: T.Voekler

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