Passiflora seemannii

Passiflora seemannii
Source: Erick Lux

Passiflora seemannii is easily one of the most gorgeous Passiflora with extraordinary violet-blue flowers and large fruit.

Native to Central America where it grows from sea level to altitudes of 1,600 m.

This climber attaches itself with tendrils, it needs sufficient support.

Common names:

Passion flower, Passion fruit


Passiflora incana, Passiflora orbifolia


Central America: Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua


USDA Zone 11, 4 °C


Loam based mix with peat moss


4-5 m, can be invasive and smother other plants in the right conditions


Indoors or greenhouse
Prefers full sun, tolerates partial shade


Sowing and cutting

Sowing instructions:

  • soak 1-2 days in tepid water
  • sow in light soil
  • humidify
  • keep at 20-25 °C


When seedlings are big enough to handle


A few weeks to a few months, germination can be very erratic


  • keep in a greenhouse or inside at a window with plenty of light, preferably south facing
  • needs plenty of watering during growth season
  • less watering but keep the pot very moist during winter
  • needs fertiliser at least twice a month during growing season
  • needs pruning to keep the vine healthy, prune less vigorous growth

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