Philodendron giganteum

Source: Liné1

Philodendron giganteum

Philodendron giganteum or giant philodendron is a vine with huge leaves.

Although it may be grown in pot as a houseplant, it will not grow as strongly outside a tropical climate.

It is not rustic but may be placed outdoors in the summer.


Philodendron giganteum is usually epiphytic, sometimes terrestrial.

It is a climber with stems up to 2 m long and up to 8 m long roots.

The leaves are usually 25-60 cm long and 17-50 cm wide but leaves of almost 2 m long have been observed.

The petiole is at least as long as the leaf blade. The nodes are very close to each other.

The flowers are very beautiful, arum-like with a white spadix, but the plant blooms rarely in colder climates.


Common name:

Giant philodendron, climbing philodendron


Philodendron: from the Greek philos (loving) and dendron (tree)
Giganteum: from the Latin giganteus (enormous)


Antilles, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Brazil


Forested limestone hills and forests


USDA zone 10-11



Rich, well drained


Shade to semi-shade, sun


Appreciates abundant watering but is draught resistant


Fertilize weekly during growing season, monthly in winter


Sowing, cuttings

Sowing instructions:

  • the seeds should be ultra fresh and not have had the opportunity to dry out after harvesting
  • sow in light soil at 2 mm depth
  • moisten
  • maintain 25-30 °C
  • repot when seedlings have 2-3 leaves
  • germination time: 30 to 120 days, germination may be very erratic

Cutting instructions:

  • take a stem cutting with 2 nodes
  • place in a mix of peat and sand in a closed container: plastic bag, zip-lock bag, mini-greenhouse…
  • temperature 25-30 °C
  • out of direct sun
  • repot when the roots have visibly developed (4 to 8 weeks)