Source: Egien

Source: Egien

Hoax or not?

As incredible as it might seem, beer can be used as a growth accelerator for palm trees, otherwise known as palm booster.


Hop (humulus lupulus) is the main ingredient for the fabrication of beer.

It contains phytohormones which stimulate growth of plant and root system of palm trees.


In reality, phytohormones are better suited for in vitro propagation, cuttings and germination activation than to be used as a fertiliser for mature plants.

Once the plant has developed, a classic fertiliser would be more appropriated since it contains all the nutrients necessary for natural growth.

In addition, beer contains mostly sugars, which can cause mould to appear.


  • dilute a can of beer in 5 litre (1 gallon) of water
  • vaporise the plant or the substrate
  • watering: once a week during growing season
  • for soaking of palm seeds
  • for germination: vaporise to humidify the substrate