Juncus effusus var. spiralis

Juncus effusus var. spiralis

Juncus effusus var. spiralis or Corkscrew Rush is part of the Juncaceae family: rushes with usually have straight stems which grow in temperate and humid zones. This family is widespread around the world, except Antarctica.

As its name spiralis suggests, unlike other members of the Juncaceae family, it has corkscrew shaped stems. The stems are green, round and hollow.

It grows in wet soil or in water.

Its appearance makes it particularly attractive near or in a pond and its great hardiness and persistence provide decoration throughout the year.

It is also suitable for coastal areas and can be used to maintain banks.

Common names:

Corkscrew rush
Soft rush


Widespread throughout the world, except Antarctica




USDA Zone 4, -30 °C


Prefers acidic soils, moist or flooded


30 cm


Dividing of the clump


Sun, partial shade


  • requires little care
  • can be invasive in which case the clump can be divided
  • shoots that grow straight or become dried and brown may be cut
  • can be grown submerged at the edge of a water feature or in pots

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