Musa basjoo ‘Sakhalin’

Musa basjoo ‘Sakhalin’

Musa basjoo ‘Sakhalin’ is a variety that is often told to be native from the island of Sakhalin (Russia) and thus, this supposedly being the most northern habitat, Musa basjoo ‘Sakhalin’ would be the most frost resistant.

In reality, it seems to be imported from China to Russia by a man named Sakhalin and later imported in Europe by Jean-Luc Penninckx in 1995 as cloning material.

It seems there are no anatomical differences between Musa basjoo ‘Sakhalin’ and “normal” Musa basjoo, differentiation can only be made on the basis of biochemical differences.

It seems the plant is slightly smaller and leaves broader than on Musa basjoo.




USDA Zone 8
Aerial part of the plant dies at: -2 °C
Pseudo-stem: -7 °C
Rhizome: -16 °C
It is recommended to cut the leaves at the approach of frost and to protect the pseudo-stem with a cover.


Rich and well drained


3 to 5 m


Does not produce seed


Very easy, the plants produces numerous suckers


Sun or semi-shade


  • take cuttings quite close to the mother plant to have enough rhizome


  • needs a lot of water and food in growing season
  • prefers sun


  • will probably not come to fruition in USDA zone 8
  • when replanted in a pot, can be brought inside for the Winter and replanted in Spring

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