Passiflora antioquiensis

Passiflora antioquiensis
Source: Cs California

Passiflora antioquiensis or Banana Passion Fruit is a Passion flower with beautiful pink/red flowers on very long stalks (up to 60 cm).

The leaves are deeply trilobed. In colder climates, the plant dies when it freezes but grows back in the spring. In warmer areas it is persistent.

Fruits are very big, long and orange. They are edible and delicious.

Passiflora antioquiensis resembles mollissima Passiflora but is not as vigorous and less resistant to frost (-2 °C).

Common names:

Banana Passion fruit, Passionflower, Passion fruit, Red Banana Passion Flower


Colombia, Cordillera Central


Edible fruit and juice. It is cultivated for its fruits, mainly in Colombia and neighbouring countries but also in New Zealand.


USDA Zone 9-11, 0 °C


Fertile and well drained.
Resists a wide variety of soils, except desert conditions


3 to 6 m


Beautiful flower pink-red, 8 to 12 cm wide on a 60 cm long stalk


Seed, cutting


2 weeks to 3 months


Sun, partial shade

Sowing instructions:

  • soak seeds 1-2 days
  • sow in a light mixture
  • keep about 21 °C


  • water abundantly in the summer
  • frequent fertilizer in growing season
  • when grown in pots, a smaller pot limits root growth and promotes flowering, a bigger pot promotes root growth and reduces flowering

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