Palm tree in the snow

Source: Curt Smith

Palm tree in the snow

This is a list of 10 most hardy palm trees, with the USDA zones where they can spend all year outside and the minimum temperature they can survive.

Please note that the cold resistance depends not only on the minimum temperature but also on other factors such as humidity: generally speaking, the more humid, the less cold tolerant.

Additionally there is a big difference between young palms and mature palms that already well established: a bigger and better rooted specimen resists lower temperatures. In some cases, it’s better to overwinter young palms inside during the early years. This is especially true if the given minimum temperature for the species is higher.

This list is not exhaustive: related species often have similar hardiness. You can find many species of Trachycarpus with different cold tolerance of a few degrees only.

Your success will depend on several factors, including soil drainage, soil type, whether the palm is exposed to wind or wind-protected, etc…

Here you will find the ranking of all the palms that are discussed in this blog, according to USDA zones: Hardiness table for palm trees.