Echinopsis bruchii

Echinopsis bruchii

Echinopsis bruchii or echinopsis comes from the north of Argentina.

It is a fairly hardy cactus that can overwinter in the garden.

It must be planted in a very dry place, in a very well drained soil.


It is a globular cactus that grows up to 50 cm high.

It is dark green, has 50 ribs, brownish white halos, 4 central yellow-white spines and 9 to 14 radial spines, up to 2 cm long.

The flower is red or red-orange and flowers during daytime in the month of June.


Common name:



Echinopsis formosa var. bruchii, Echinopsis formosa var. grandis, Echinopsis grandis, Echinopsis ingens, Lobivia bruchii, Lobivia grandis, Pseudolobivia grandis, Soehrensia bruchii, Soehrensia grandis, Soehrensia ingens, Trichocereus bruchii, Trichocereus ingens


Echinopsis: from the Greek echinos (thorny) and opsis (appearance)
Bruchii: in honor of Carlos Bruch, an Argentine photographer and entomologist (1869–1943)




Puna and prepuna grasslands, scrub, under large boulders, on plains, slopes and ridges, along with other succulents


USDA Zone 8, -12 °C



Dry, sandy and very well drained




Water sparingly


Use only specialized fertilizer for cacti


  • always use gloves when handling a cactus
  • for repotting fold up a few sheets of newspaper into a thick flat band. Surround the cactus with this band handle him
  • remove the spines from the skin by applying a patch of adhesive tape and removing it


Seed, cutting

Sowing instructions:

  • use a mix of topsoil, sand and gravel (1:1:1) and sterilize that (eg in the microwave)
  • fill a pot with it and wet the substrate by placing it 2 hours in a bowl with water so the water is sucked up
  • sow the seeds on the surface and press very lightly
  • place the pot with seeds in a plastic bag and close it
  • place the pot in a bright location out of direct sunlight
  • 20-25°C
  • regularly check that no fungi develop
  • when the seeds begin to germinate make a few holes in the plastic bag and then every week 2-4 additional holes for the seedlings to get used gradually to drier air
  • germination: 14 days

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