Pritchardia pacifica

Pritchardia pacifica
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Pritchardia pacifica or Fiji fan palm is a majestic palm with fan shaped leaves, a beautiful crown and a massive trunk.

It resists a very light frost, but is better kept as a houseplant that can easily be placed outside in summer. As in its habitat it grows at the coast, it is resistant to salt spray and salty soils.


This palm tree reaches 7-10 m high with a trunk diameter of 30 cm. The trunk is light gray and bears slight scars of fallen leaves.

The leaves are up to 1.8 m long and nearly as wide. They are light green with a thin layer of wax. Petioles and abaxial ribs are covered with white woolly tomentum. The leaf sheath is composed of a mass of fibers. The petiole is smooth and has no thorns.

The inflorescences are 1 m long, usually shorter than the petioles. The flowers are brown and fragrant.

The fruits are spherical, 12 mm in diameter, red and black at maturity. The seed is 7 mm in diameter.

Noms communs:

Common name:

Fiji fan palm


Eupritchardia pacifica, Styloma pacifica, Washingtonia pacifica


Pritchardia: in honor of W.T. Pritchard, the first British consul appointed in Fiji in 1858
Pacifica: derived of the Latin name for the Pacific Ocean




Intertidal zone at the water’s edge, at an average distance of 15 meters from the sea


USDA Zone 10-13, -1 °C



Moist but well drained.


Sun, partial shade


Moist soil but well drained.


Twice a year with solid fertilizer for palm trees.


By seed, very easy.

Sowing instructions:

  • plant the seeds in a light substrate
  • moisten the substrate
  • cover the pots to prevent evaporation of water
  • 25 °C
  • germination time: less than 1 month