Goodyera repens

Source: Hans Hillewaert

Goodyera repens

The tribe Goodyerinae is part of the Orchidaceae family, Orchidoideae subfamily, Cranichideae tribe.


They are mainly terrestrial orchids, some epiphytic or epiparasitic

The leaves are veined or have distinctive markings. They are in a basal rosette or spiral. The rhizome is fleshy. The flowers are small and inconspicuous, usually colored green or white. The labia is in the form of a pouch or carries a spur. The gynostemium is usually asymmetrical and twisted. The pollinia are divided into different bags.


Distributed worldwide but they found mainly in tropical Asia.


The sub-tribe contains 35 genera and about 475 species.

Typus: Goodyerea repens

Aenhenrya, Anoectochilus, Aspidogyne, Chamaegastrodia, Cheirostylis, Cystorchis, Danhatchia, Dossinia, Erythrodes, Eurycentrum, Gonatostylis, Goodyera, Halleorchis, Herpysma, Hetaeria, Hylophila, Kreodanthus, Kuhlhasseltia, Lepidogyne, Ligeophila, Ludisia, Macodes, Meliorchis, Microchilus, Myrmechis, Odontochilus, Orchipedum, Pachyplectron, Papuaea, Platylepis, Platythelys, Pristiglottis, Rhamphorhynchus, Rhomboda, Stephanothelys, Vrydagzynea, Zeuxine