Ludisia discolor inflorescence

Source: Own work | CC BY 4.0

Ludisia discolor inflorescence

Ludisia discolor or Jewel Orchid is a small orchid that is now commonly found in the trade.

It is very easy to grow and it is the perfect plant for a shady spot: the less light, the darker the green of the leaves and the better the the pink veins stand out.

Flowering occurs in the winter to spring. The small white flowers are in erect racemes of 20-30 cm long. The bloom lasts about 2-3 weeks.


Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma


Diurnal temperature: 20-25 °C
Nocturnal temperature: 15-20 °C


Prefers a shadowy place. When the jewel orchid is getting too much light the leaves turn light green instead of the beautiful dark green which contrasts beautifuly with the pink veins.


Keep soil moist but not wet, water about 2 times per week, less in the winter. Use either rainwater or soft water at room temperature.

Ludisia discolor

Source: Own work | CC BY 4.0

Ludisia discolor


Ordinary potting soil mixed with perlite for a better water permeability.


Fertilize every 2 weeks with liquid fertilizer 20-10-20. It is easier to prepare the solution in advance and administer spread over a few days instead of all at once every two weeks.


Annually. The plant forms suckers and therefore requires a fairly large pot.



The seeds are usually sterile, so seeding is pointless.

Stem cuttings:

  • cut the stems that have become too long
  • let them root in a glass of water
  • room temperature (20-25 °C)
Ludisia discolor foliage

Source: Own work | CC BY 4.0

Ludisia discolor foliage


  • divide the plant when repotting in the spring