Musa balbisiana ‘Black Thai’

Musa balbisiana ‘Black Thai’

Musa balbisiana ‘Black Thai’ is a variety of Musa balbisiana whose trunk is dark purple to almost black.

The color becomes darker with sunlight.

This is quite a decorative and one of the fastest growing bananas.

The fruits are not edible because they contain many seeds.

It is hardy up to USDA zone 9; from USDA zone 8 and colder, it needs winter protection.


Musa balbisiana ‘Black Thai’ had a fine pseudostem and narrow leaves. It can grow up to 5 m high.

The pseudostem and midrib are dark purple to almost black. This color continues to half of the leaf blade, then becomes green. The more sunlight the plant receives, the darker the color.

Growth is very fast, up to 1 m per month.

Fruit is not edible due to a large number of seeds. Fructification will take place up to USDA zone 9.

Produces suckers easily.






USDA zone 11-7, 0 °C. Foot resists short periods of frost to -5 °C but it is better to protect the plant or overwinter it indoors.


Rich and moist




Seed, suckers

Sowing instructions:

  • soak the seeds for 24 h in lukewarm water
  • plant in a light sowing mix
  • 35 °C at day, 25 °C at night
  • germination time: 7 days to 6 months


  • frequent watering
  • give fertilizer weekly
  • shelter from the wind

Image sources

  • Musa balbisiana ‘Black Thai’: Own work

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