Tetrastigma voinierianum

Source: Own work

Tetrastigma voinierianum
Botanic Garden Meise

Tetrastigma voinierianum or Chestnut Vine is a vigorous climber when it likes its growing conditions.

It is one of those plants that give an immediate jungle effect to the room with its lush foliage and big leaves.

Not very easy to find the exact growing conditions though: will do well in a light room or even in the shade but no direct sunlight.

But watering can be a problem: too much water and the new shoots fall off, too little water and… the new shoots fall off. So you will have to work out the perfect watering schedule for your plant, according to room temperature and season.

It also does not like to be moved to another spot or another home or to be placed near a heater.

But once you have adjusted the watering, the chestnut vine will grow profusely and you will love it.


Tetrastigma voinierianum is a vine that reaches up to 8 m and clings with tendrils.

Leaves are up to 45 cm wide, composed, tough, hairy and standing on long petioles, have 3-7 lobes, each 25 cm long and 20 cm wide.

Flowers are insignificant and appear in early summer in umbels.


Common name:

Chestnut vine, lizard vine


Cissus voinierianus, Vitis voinieriana


Tetrastigma: from the Greek tetra (four) and stémma (garland)
Voinierianum: after M. Voinier, a French veterinarian who sent a specimen to the French botanist Charles Baltet


North Vietnam


Tropical forest


USDA zone 10-11

Tetrastigma voinierianum

Source: Own work

Tetrastigma voinierianum
Botanic Garden Meise



Well drained potting soil, mix with some coco peat or perlite for better drainage.


Light, partial shade, no direct sunlight.


Water moderately: let the soil dry out more or less between waterings, do not let water stagnate at the bottom of the pot.


Weekly during growing season, monthly in winter.


Room temperature


Yearly, in spring.


You can either lead the ever growing shoots around your room or prune them in order to keep the size manageable, which will cause new shoots to sprout and make the plant bushier.


Cuttings of young shoots.


Stick the cuttings in a well drained and airy mix (e.g. potting soil + coco peat). Provide heat (25 °C) and air humidity and cross your fingers because it’s not easy, half of the cuttings will fail, if not all.