Brasiliorchis picta

The genus Brasiliorchis is part of the family Orchidaceae, sub-family Epidendroideae, tribe Cymbidieae, sub-tribe Maxillariinae.

Brasiliorchis replaces the old alliance Maxillaria picta, a group of orchids found mainly in Atlantic rainforest in southern and southeastern Brazil. The new genus is supported by morphological characteristics and molecular studies.

It contains 15 species. The type species is Brasiliorchis picta.


  • Brasiliorchis barbosae
  • Brasiliorchis chrysantha
  • Brasiliorchis gracilis
  • Brasiliorchis heismanniana
  • Brasiliorchis kautskyi
  • Brasiliorchis marginata
  • Brasiliorchis monantha
  • Brasiliorchis moutinhoi
  • Brasiliorchis phoenicanthera
  • Brasiliorchis picta
  • Brasiliorchis piresiana
  • Brasiliorchis polyantha
  • Brasiliorchis porphyrostele
  • Brasiliorchis schunkiana
  • Brasiliorchis ubatubana