Jasminum officinale

Source: C T Johansson

Jasminum officinale

Jasminum officinale or common jasmine is climber with deliciously scented white flowers that can be grown as a house plant but also in the garden as it is hardy.

Growth is strong, about 2 m per year.

The small white flowers appear clusters of about 12-15 flowers. Buds are pink. The scent is sweet and powerful.

Flowering takes place from spring to autumn: may to september

Other common names:

Jasmine, Jessamine, Poet´s Jasmine


Though it is suspected its origin is probably in central Asia, it is not quite sure as this plant has been cultivated and spread geographically for many centuries.


Sun, partial shade


Average water needs


Any commercial soil


During growing season, monthly liquid fertilizer, nothing during winter.


Room temperature. Can be grown outside up to USDA zone 8 (-15 °C).


Long stems may be pruned after flowering, in autumn or early spring.


In spring, when the plant outgrows its pot.


Seed, cuttings

Sowing instructions:

  • sow in moist sowing mix at room temperature
  • repot the seedlings when they are big enough to handle
  • over winter the young plants inside the first year

Stem cuttings:

  • proceed in the spring
  • take 10-20 cm long cuttings from soft wood
  • plant in potting soil
  • water just enough to get the soil moist but not wet
  • cover the pot with a plastic bag to avoid evaporation
  • keep at 15-20 °C (room temperature)