Prosthechea glauca

Source: Patricia Harding

Prosthechea glauca

The genus Prosthechea belongs to the family of Orchidaceae, sub-family Epidendroideae, tribe Epidendreae, sub-tribe Laeliinae, alliance Epidendrum.


The genus is characterized by the presence of elongated and flattened pseudo-bulbs ended in a narrow foliage set of 2-3 leaves.

Pseudo-bulbs are separated by a rhizome of 1-8cm. Roots do not exceed one millimeter in diameter.

The lip is not lobed and does not surround the column with its side lobes.


Epithecia, Hormidium, Anacheilium, Epicladium, Euchile, Pseudencyclia, Panarica, Pollardia


Central America, southern United States, Mexico


The genus Prosthechea contains about 120 species.