Musa ‘Dwarf Red’ inflorescence & fruit

Musa ‘Dwarf Red’ is a relatively small but rapidly growing banana that produces red bananas with sweet orange flesh.

They have a red pseudo stem and midribs.

The fruits are edible but take longer to mature than other species of banana.

The leaves are thick and windproof.


This banana is rather compact, up to 2.5 m high. Growth is rapid.

Petioles, forming the pseudo-stem, and midribs are red. The leaves are green and rather thick, more wind resistant than other species of banana.

The fruits are red with a creamy orange flesh that tastes sweet. They must be harvested when the skin is almost black. Fruiting starts after 20-30 months, then the plant will produce fruit annually.


USDA zone 8, -6 °C. However, it is recommended to overwinter at min. 10 ° C.


Rich and moist


2-2.5 m


Sun, partial shade

Musa ‘Dwarf Red’


By suckers


  • keep moist
  • give universal liquid fertilizer once a week