Moss terrarium

Moss terrarium

Moss terrariums have this soothing effect, they are very zen to look at.

And they don’t need a lot of light, so you can put them about anywhere, from a corner on your kitchen top to a bookshelf. I’ve put mine on my desk, it’s like a little piece of forest floor right under my nose.

Making a moss terrarium with a glass jar is extremely easy and fun to do with kids.


  • a glass jar with lid
  • some gravel or expanded clay pellets (hydroton)
  • some soil
  • charcoal (optional)
  • some long tools (long spoon, chopsticks…)

How to:

Clean the jar with dish soap, rinse well and dry. Make sure there aren’t any marks or streaks on the inside, it will be near impossible to wipe the inside clean once planted.

Clean the jar

Place a layer of gravel or hydroton at the bottom.

Drainage layer

Place a layer of soil on top.

Soil layer

Plant the pieces of moss on top and press gently down.

Install moss

Water slightly with vaporizer and close the jar.

Moss terrarium

Observe the jar in the next few days: in the morning, there should be slight condensation on the glass walls.Care:

If there isn’t any condensation: add some water to the moss terrarium.

If there are big fat droplets of water: leave the jar open for a few hours to let excess water evaporate.

Once you have established the correct water quantity (i.e. slight condensation in the morning), you will never have to care for your terrarium again. Just leave it in a spot with partial shade and no direct sunlight and admire it.


I took some moss from the garden of our apartment complex in the midst of summer. So the moss is quite dry, I will post some pictures when the moss has revived in the moist terrarium conditions.



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