Passiflora coccinea

Passionflower coccinea or Red Granadilla has striking scarlet flowers. It flowers almost all year but most abundantly in summer.

It grows fast and can reach 3-4 meters high.

It is not hardy and must be grown in pots in frost areas and kept indoors during winter or even grown as a houseplant.

Is often confused with Passiflora miniata.


It is a tropical vine that clings with tendrils and reaches 3-4 m height.

The foliage is evergreen. The leaves are borne by a red to purple stalk of 8 cm long. They are green, doubly serrated or toothed, oblong, glabrous or slightly pubescent and are about 6-14 cm long and 3-7 cm wide.

The flowers are bright red to deep red. They are 7-10 cm in diameter and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

The fruits are yellow to orange, edible and known as red granadilla. They measure 5-7.5 cm long.


Common names:

Passionflower, Monkey-Guzzle, Red Granadilla, Red Passion Flower, Red Passion Vine, Red Passionflower, Scarlet Passion Flower, Scarlet Passionflower


Passiflora coccinea var. minor, Passiflora coccinea var. velutina, Passiflora fulgens, Passiflora toxicaria, Passiflora velutina, Tacsonia coccinea


Passiflora: from the Latin passio (Passion) and flos (flower)
Coccinea: from the Latin coccineus (scarlet)


Guiana, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil


Tropical Amazonian lowland


USDA zone 10-12, 0 °C



Nutritious and well drained


Sun, light


Keep substrate moist, daily watering during growing season


Give plenty of fertilizer: every 1 or 2 weeks during growing season


Cuttings, seed

Cutting instructions:

  • proceed in spring or summer
  • take cuttings from the top of the stems and make sure there is a knot with older wood present
  • dip in cutting hormone (optional)
  • put in light potting soil and moisten
  • wrap the pot in a plastic bag to limit evaporation

Sowing instructions:

  • soak seeds 24 h in warm water
  • plant in moist potting soil at 0.5 cm depth
  • place the pot in a plastic bag to keep humidity
  • 20-24 °C