Bulbophyllum medusae flower

Bulbophyllum medusae flower

Bulbophyllum medusae is a small orchid with white flowers resembling an explosion of fireworks.

It is part of the family Orchidaceae, sub-family Epidendroideae, tribe Dendrobieae, sub-tribe Bulbophyllinae, genus Bulbophyllum.


It is an epiphytic orchid with pseudo-bulbs of 3-4 cm and a creeping rhizome.

A single leave emerges at the top of the pseudobulb. It is 10 cm long, stiff and dark green.

The inflorescence consists of 30-100 flowers appearing on top of erect stems of 20 cm long, sprouting from the pseudo-bulbs. The sepals are up to 15 cm long. The flower emits an unpleasant odor.

Flowering occurs in autumn and winter.


Cirrhopetalum medusae, Phyllorkis medusae


South-East Asia


Lowland forests on trunks and main branches of trees, 0 to 400 meters


Bulbophyllum: from the Latin bulbus (bulb) and Greek phyllon (leaf), referring to the pseudo-bulbs on top of which the leaves appear
Medusae: after the mythological figure Medusa with snakes for hair

Bulbophyllum medusae plant

Bulbophyllum medusae plant



Hot: 25 to over 30 °C during the day, minimum 16 °C at night


Light, no direct sunlight


Keep moist but no standing water


60-80 % but well ventilated


In pot: half bark, half moss. But it is advisable to grow it in an open basket or mounted on a slab of bark because of its creeping rhizome and because it does not like to have the roots disturbed when repotting.


Specialized orchid fertilizer, every two weeks during growth period

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