Philodendron martianum

Philodendron martianum

Philodendron martianum or Flask Philodendron is a large-leaved tropical plant, easy to grow as a houseplant.

This is a climber, like all Philodendron, but it is semi-epiphytic: it can grow like a bush and climb when it finds a support to cling to.

Being native to the rainforests of Brazil, it can be satisfied with partial shade.


Philodendron martianum is climbing, semi-epiphytic, evergreen. The stems are short, the internodes close.

The leaf is dark green, leathery and measures up to 45 cm long and 15-20 cm wide.

Solitary axillary inflorescence consisting of a spathe about 15 cm long, yellowish-green on the outside and top, purple red at the bottom, and a white spadix. The male flowers are above, the female flowers below.

All parts of the plant contain calcium oxalate, which can irritate the skin.


Common names:

Flask Philodendron, Von Martius’ philodendron


Caladium crassipes, Caladium macropus, Philodendron cannifolium

Philodendron martianum inflorescence

Philodendron martianum inflorescence


Philodendron: from the Greek philo- (loving) and dendron (tree)
Martianum: after Karl Frederich Von Martius, an Austrian botanist


South East of Brazil





Room temperature, min. 15 °C, ideally 20-25 °C


Light, partial shade


Keep the soil moist, watering more often in summer than in winter. Avoid standing water at the bottom.


Very porous substrate, e.g. orchids substrate mixed with soil


Universal liquid fertilizer at half the recommended dose, every 2 weeks during the growing period, nothing in winter.


As the leaves gather dust, they may be washed or sponged with clear water. The dust does not harm the plants, it just looks ugly.


Repot in spring when the plant becomes too large for its pot


Seed, division when repotting

Sowing instructions:

  • sow in coir or potting soil with sand
  • plant 0.5-1 cm deep
  • moisten the substrate
  • temperature: 25 °C
  • germination time: 3-6 weeks

Image sources

  • Philodendron martianum: Own work
  • Philodendron martianum inflorescence: Scott Zona

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