Chlorophytum 'Green Orange'

Source: Own work

Chlorophytum ‘Green Orange’

Chlorophytum ‘Green Orange’ is a striking house plant with an orange heart.

It is related to the spider plant and as easy to grow.

Ideal for beginners, it resists irregular watering.


Chlorophytum ‘Green Orange’ is about 30-40 cm high and 60-80 cm in diameter. The roots form nodules for storing water, which makes the plant drought resistant.

Leaves are green with an orange petiole and midrib. It’s 30-40 cm long.

Flowers appear on a long stalk from the center of the plant.


This plant is found under many different names: Chlorophytum ‘Green Orange’ (registered trademark), Chlorophytum amaniense, Chlorophytum amaniense ‘Fire Flash’, Chlorophytum orchidastrum, Chlorophytum orchidantheroides, Chlorophytum filipendulum amaniense, Chlorophytum ‘Fire Flash’, Fire Flash, Mandarin Plant, Green Orange, Tangerine, Fire Glory, Sierra Leone Lily.


USDA zone 9-11



Regular growing soil


Light, partial shade, shade

Chlorophytum 'Green Orange'

Source: Own work

Chlorophytum ‘Green Orange’


Room temperature, min. 10 °C, ideal 20-25 °C


Keep the substrate moist. Needs more water in summer than winter. Avoid stagnating water at the bottom of the pot.

As it stores water in root nodules, it resists irregular waterings.


Fertilize with universal liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks during summer, monthly during winter.


Repot in spring, when the plant outgrows its pot


By seed or division when repotting.

Sowing is easy. The plant self-sows if you don’t remove the flowers after flowering and let them go to seed.

Remark: young plants are green. The orange coloring appears after a few months, when the seedlings have grown.

Sowing instructions:

  • surface sow on moist growing soil
  • temperature: 20-25 °C