Ikea cultivation unit

Source: Own work

Ikea cultivation unit

Ikea introduces a new range of material for hydroponics.

This range includes everything you need: cultivator trays, plant lighting and shelves to place the trays and lighting.

It also includes a substrate for sowing or cuttings (rock wool plugs) and a substrate for growth (pumice granules) as well as a fertilizer that is specifically suited for hydroponics.

They also sell seeds of leafy vegetables and herbs.


The range for hydroponics is currently available in the UK but not in the USA or Canada.

Target group:

This series was designed for people who wish to grow vegetables, salads and herbs at home.

But actually, the series is also suitable for hobby gardeners who wish to grow other plants from seed or cuttings, both for cultivation in soil and in hydroponics.

Presentation movie:


Of course, I rushed to the nearest Ikea to buy a few things for testing.

You may expect a review soon.

But if you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me.