Laelia anceps

Laelia anceps
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Laelia anceps is a medium sized orchid with beautiful flowers.

It tolerates temperatures of -5 °C to 35 °C and is drought resistant.

This orchid is easy to grow and suitable for beginners.

It belongs to the family Orchidaceae, sub-family Epidendroideae, tribe Epidendreae, sub-tribe Laeliinae, alliance Cattleya, genus Laelia.


Laelia anceps is a medium sized orchid with ovate-oblong, ribbed pseudobulbs of 10 cm long, with 1 and sometimes 2 leaves.

Leaves are apical, oblong-lanceolate, leathery, pointed, dark green, 20 cm long.

Flowers appear in a terminal cluster with 2-6 flowers, on a stem of 60-100 cm. The flowers are 6-12 cm tall, fragrant. The color varies a lot: white, pink, lavender and blue.

Flowering takes place in the winter, from October to March and lasts about 1 month.



Amalia anceps, Amalias anceps, Bletia anceps, Bletia anceps var. barkeriana, Cattleya anceps, Laelia anceps f. alba, Laelia anceps var. alba, Laelia anceps var. amesiana, Laelia anceps subsp. anceps, Laelia anceps var. barkeriana, Laelia anceps var. blanda, Laelia anceps var. chamberlainiana, Laelia anceps f. chilapensis, Laelia anceps var. crawshayana, Laelia anceps var. delicata, Laelia anceps var. grandiflora, Laelia anceps var. hilliana, Laelia anceps var. holocheila, Laelia anceps var. leucosticta, Laelia anceps var. lineata, Laelia anceps var. morada, Laelia anceps var. obscura, Laelia anceps var. oweniana, Laelia anceps var. percivaliana, Laelia anceps var. protheroana, Laelia anceps var. radians, Laelia anceps var. roeblingeana, Laelia anceps var. rosefieldiensis, Laelia anceps subsp. schroederae, Laelia anceps var. scottiana, Laelia anceps var. simondsii, Laelia anceps var. superba, Laelia anceps var. veitchiana, Laelia anceps var. virginalis, Laelia barkeriana


Laelia: dedicated to Gaius Laelius, Roman philosopher and orator
Anceps: from the Latin anceps (two-headed, double)




Epiphyt, 500-1,500 m altitude



Day temperature: 18-25 °C

Night temperature: 10-15 °C

Tolerates extremes in temperatures of -5 °C to 35 °C.


Light, no direct sunlight


Regular watering during the growing period from spring to fall.

Reduce waterings when the plant enters rest in winter and let dry out the substrate between two waterings. Too much water in the winter may cause root rot.


40-80 %


Coarse mixture for orchids when grown in pot or mounted on bark.


Weekly specialized orchid fertilizer during growth period.

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  • Laelia anceps: Own work

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