Musa velutina fruit

Source: Nico Nelson

Musa velutina fruit

Musa velutina or Pink Banana is a dwarf banana of about 1.20 m, possibly 1.80 m.

The flowers and fruits are a strikingly pink color giving huge ornamental value to this banana. The fruits are edible and very sweet but contain a lot of small black seeds.

It will flower all year long once it is about 1 m height. Can be grown easily in a pot or in the garden with winter protection in USDA zone 8.

Produces many suckers so that after a few growing seasons a beautiful group will be formed.

Common names:

Fuzzy banana
Hairy banana
Pink banana
Pink fruiting banana
Seeded banana


Musa dasycarpa




USDA zone 8, -15 °C

Musa velutina inflorescence


Well drained and rich


Generally 1,20 m in zone 8




Musa velutina

Sun, light, semi-shade

Sowing instructions:

  • sow the seeds 2 days in tepid water, change the water once or twice a day
  • sow in light soil at the surface and press gently, don’t cover the seeds entirely: they need light to germinate!
  • sow several seeds in 1 pot to gain place
  • keep at 20-25 °C


  • transplant the seedlings one by one as they germinate and when they are big enough to handle
  • keep the pot with seeds: the other seeds might germinate months later
  • plant in individual pot when the weather is still too cold to plant outside
  • plant in the garden around early June


  • needs a lot of nutrients in growing season
  • water abundantly during the first growing season to establish a deep root system, afterwards watering can be reduced
  • a place in the sun, light or semi-shade but protect from direct too much sunlight
  • the tip of the leaves may turn brown during winter