Musa itinerans Burmese Blue

Source: Own work

Musa itinerans Burmese Blue

Musa itinerans ‘Burmese Blue’ is a variety of Musa itinerans which was previously associated with Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana and is sometimes confused with Musa itinerans var. guangdongensis.

However, it produces suckers far away from the mother plant while Musa itinerans var. guangdongensis produces suckers very near the mother plant.


It is relatively small and has a beautiful golden yellow trunk.

The leaves are slightly pleated, maroon or light purple underneath, darker on the midrib when leaves are young.

The bracts of the flowers are blue to purple.

The fruit appears in hands of 14-16 bananas, 15-20 cm long. They are iridescent pink-violet which gives them a blue color. They contain many seeds and are used in Thai cuisine as a cooking banana.

The beautiful blue inflorescence and fruit as well as the rapid growth make it a very desirable species.


Ornamental, food, medicinal


Northern Thailand


USDA Zone 9-11
This is an estimate: the species is quite new and there are not enough data available to determine the hardiness precisely, it could be hardier.



Nutritious and well drained


Shade or partial shade


Needs plenty of water during growing season


Fertilize weekly during growing season


In zone USDA 8 or colder it is best to treat as an orangerie plant: outside during summer and inside during winter


Seed, suckers

Sowing instructions:

  • soak the seeds for 1-2 days in tepid water
  • sow in a light substrate
  • moisten
  • when the seedlings or plants are big enough to handle