Cattleya trianae

Cattleya trianae or Dr. Triana’s Cattleya is an orchid native to Colombia.

It is easy to grow and produces beautiful fragrant flowers that last a long time.

It is the national flower of Colombia.

Cattleya trianae belongs to the family Orchidaceae, sub-family Epidendroideae, tribe Epidendreae, sub-tribe Laeliinae, alliance Cattleya, genus Cattleya.


Cattleya trianae is an epiphytic orchid with club-shaped pseudobulbs up to 30 cm long on top of which a single leathery leaf appears.

The inflorescence carries 2-5 flowers with a diameter up to 20 cm. The sepals and petals are white to dark purple. The lip is usually white to dark red-purple with an orange disc.

Flowering occurs in the winter.


Common name:

Dr. Triana’s Cattleya


Cattleya bogotensis, Cattleya kimballiana, Cattleya labiata var. ernestii, Cattleya labiata subsp. massangeana, Cattleya labiata var. trianae, Cattleya trianae var. alba, Cattleya trianae f. alba, Cattleya trianae var. backhausiana, Cattleya trianae var. colemannii, Cattleya trianae var. corningii, Cattleya trianae var. dodgsonii, Cattleya trianae var. formosa, Cattleya trianae var. hillii, Cattleya trianae var. hooleana, Cattleya trianae var. marginata, Cattleya trianae var. mariae, Cattleya trianae var. massangeana, Cattleya trianae var. osmannii, Cattleya trianae var. quadricolor, Cattleya trianae var. reginae, Cattleya trianae var. rosea, Cattleya trianae var. russelliana, Cattleya trianae var. splendidissima, Cattleya trianae var. williamsii, Epidendrum labiatum var. trianae


Cattleya: after William Cattley, an English orchid collector (1788-1835)
Trianae: after José Jéronimo Triana, a Colombian botanist (1834-1890)




Cloud forests in the high valleys of the Andes


Cattleya: in honor of Sir William Cattley, an English collector
Pumila: Latin for dwarf



Temperate to warm: 20-27 °C day, 17 °C night.


Very light but no direct sunlight


Abundant watering during growth but so that the substrate dries out quickly. Gradually decrease waterings in the fall.


50-80 % with good ventilation


In pot or basket: a very coarse substrate for quick drainage and good ventilation. Can also be mounted on a tree fern or a cork slab.


Specialized orchid fertilizer diluted to 1/2 or 1/4 of the recommendation, once a week during the growing period.