Aeranthes grandiflora

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Aeranthes grandiflora

Aeranthes grandiflora is a small to medium sized orchid with 20 cm large, green, longlasting and fragrant flowers.

It is very easy to grow and propagate, care is similar to Phalaenopsis.

It is part of the family Orchidaceae, subfamily Epidendroideae, tribe Vandeae, subtribe Angraecinae, genus Aeranthes.


Aeranthes grandiflora is a stemless or subacaule epiphytic orchid.

It has 5-7 narrowly oblong leaves 15-25 cm long and 3-3.5 cm wide, leathery, contracted and articulated at the base, bilobed at the top with uneven lobes.

The inflorescences are pendent, 10-30 cm long, with 1-2 flowers. The peduncle is covered entirely by sheaths. The pedicel is thicker than the peduncle, 8-10 mm long. The flowers are of a greenish white, with the acumen of the divisions and the extremity of the spur yellow. The medial sepal is 5 cm long, with an oval lower part (14 mm wide), acuminate in a long point of 3 cm.

The lateral sepals as long, very shortly fused at the base and front, adnate over a greater extent at the foot of the column and widely dilated-angular on the anterior side, a little dilated on the opposite side, wide between these 2 dilations of 2 cm, then abruptly acuminated higher in a long point similar to that which terminates the median sepal.

Free petals, shorter (4 cm), oval blade very long acuminate. Labellum with fairly broad articulation, barely auriculate at the base, in a slightly obovate blade (2.5 cm long and 2 cm wide), abruptly acuminated in a point of 15 mm with some hairs on the palate towards the base.

Narrow spur at the base then suddenly dilated into an elongated obtuse club.

Anther of 4 mm diameter excised in front, oval pollinies, free.

Retractable caudicles, blade with concave strips of 3 mm long each, terminated by a small gland. Column 3-4 mm, as wide as high. Foot in broad nacelle (2-1 cm), a little contracted towards the spur, with 7-9 ribs.

Rostelle in 2 pendants, attenuated in acute angle at the top, 3 mm long and 1 mm wide at the base. Ovary (without the pedicel) 8-10 mm long.

Flowering: July-December. Flowers last long and are fragrant.



Aeranthes brachycentron, Angraecum grandiflorum


Aeranthes: from the Greek aer (air) and anthos (flower)
Grandiflora: from the Latin grandis (large) and flōs (flower)




Moist tropical forests, in humid and shady conditions, 0-1,200 m



Diurnal: 13-18 °C
Nocturnal: 10-15 °C


Partial shade


Keep moist




Moist retaining, such as sphagnum moss, tree fern fibers or coarse bark chips. Prefer hanging pots since the flowers hang below the plant. Or mounted on a slab.


All year, every 2 waterings during growing period, every 3 waterings in winter


In spring. Repotting should be done only when necessary and with great care: the roots are very fine and easily damaged.



Divide the plant when repotting.