I sell no plants, seeds or cuttings myself.

I am affiliated with a number of vendors or websites, which means that I get a percentage when you buy by following a link from this blog.


I usually buy on eBay: the choice is huge and there are reliable sellers.

I recommend you to buy only from sellers with a very good score.


On Amazon, the offer is not as great as on eBay. But there are also trustworthy sellers.

This is a reliable German company specializing in palm trees, Cycas and bananas. I’ve already ordered seeds from them and they were fine.

Do not buy:

There are a few China based websites: Wish, Alibaba, AliExpress…

These sites also sell plants and seeds but they are not very reliable: wrong species or not viable seeds.

The positive reviews are usually the result of a fast delivery. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find many posts from customers about wrong species or dead seeds.

There are also some ridiculous articles, like seeds for rainbow roses in 7 colors and blue bamboo which looks really very blue in the picture.

So I strongly recommend not to buy from those websites.


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